Our Breakfast Blend - 100% Latin American beans. Light to medium roast.
It hits all the right notes.

A Moka-Java Blend of Ethopian and Sumatran beans. Roasted medium to dark.
This coffee’s aroma is surpassed only by its flavor.

Our finest blend of select light, medium and dark roasted beans from Latin America,
Africa & Indonesia. A wonderful full-bodied coffee.

A medium dark roast, this coffee is made with 100% Mexican beans. It’s mellow and smooth with just the right amount of caramelization to enhance the bean’s delicate chocolate flavor.

This full-bodied dark roast — made with a blend of Sumatran and Ethiopian beans — pays tribute to Newport’s dark past and celebrates its bright future. Take a sip and step back in time when organized crime and illegal activity ruled the streets. And, smile.

A medium dark roast, this is a water processed Latin American decaf coffee.
A classic well balanced cup of coffee.

Our own three bean blend that is sweet and smooth with a dreamy crema.

AVAILABLE BY THE BAG. Whole bean or ground.


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